Property Management

Here at MCN Group, Inc., we are dedicated to our clients and customers in every facet of our full service real estate business. This includes offering “Quality Property Management”.

Property Management, in today’s real estate market, is as important as it has ever been. In these economic times, we are faced with new challenges as they relate to Landlords and Tenants. Many owners, who are unable or unwilling to sell their homes in this distressed market, make the decision to “Lease” their properties and wait for better times. As easy as this may sound, the rental market is dealing with the same glut of properties as the current residential real estate market. Therefore, it is beneficial to have a professional handling the rental and management of your unit.

Cove Cay has been a very popular community for “Seasonal” and “Annual” tenants who enjoy all the amenities the community has to offer…gated security, a country club and golf course, a marina, a central location and much more! Because of these amenities, we have a waiting list for “Seasonal” tenants who want to return year after year. In the past few years, our Northern friends have been hit with record snow storms and freezing temperatures resulting in increased numbers of “Snowbirds”.

As professionals, we can handle your “Seasonal” or “Annual” rental from start to finish and give you the opportunity to make the most of your investment. If you own a unit in Cove Cay and are unable to come down this year or next, why not let your unit work for you and provide the opportunity to enjoy Cove Cay with others.

If you are an owner looking to lease out a unit, or are a quality tenant looking to lease a place you can call “Home”, please call us for a personal and confidential interview. It would be our pleasure to assist you with your real estate needs.

  • Quality Property Management
  • Details handled from beginning to end
  • Credit Checks, Background Checks, Reference Checks
  • Overseeing Repairs
  • Tenant Retention
  • Monthly Reports to Owners